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Company Trip to Heyuan City

Time:2019-07-17 11:46  

In this late June, we had a company trip to the beautiful Heyuan city, which is famous for its natural views of lake and mountain valley. Through this activity, we aim to enrich our spare time, and also to enhance the company cohesion. We felt the happiness and close relationship beyond work, just like a big family!

A thoughtful plan was made before the trip, so that we enjoyed a good time during the trip. The boundless expanse of blue water in Wanlu Lake, the unique Hakkas folk customs performance, and the exciting exploration in the wild nature, all these leave us endless aftertastes.

Our humanized management will be fully reflected, with the development of Unionmed, the concentration of our company culture, and the improvement of our management mode. We believe that our team will be more committed and dedicated to the better future of Unionmed and themselves!


During our trip to Heyuan, we were specially attracted by the bamboo forest and were really touched by how it grows up. It is said that the bamboo seedling grows up only 3cm in the first 4 years, but its roots underneath spread in the soil hundreds of square meters. Then after that, with 30cm every day growing speed, it grows up to 15m within only 6 weeks.

Unionmed people believe in the same spirit as the bamboo. We are not worried whether or not our efforts will be repaid, because we believe that all our paying out are taking deep roots, when it comes to the right time, we will eventually reach the top of success.


About Unionmed

It's a very young company, but with a team of specialists in this industry for more than 20 years. It’s a high-tech enterprise specialized in design and development, production and distribution of midrange to high-end medical consumables. 

Current product series: Disposable High Pressure Syringe, Disposable Pressure Connector Tube, Invasive Blood Pressure Transducer. Depending on the variety of injector system, we can supply more than 40 kinds of CT, Angiography, MRI syringe kits. And it is always dedicated to researching and developing new products. 

CE and ISO certified and expect to get the FDA 510K very soon.